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The EMPOCA Camps

We create magical moments that your child will remember for a lifetime.

We are the future!

Our camps offer empowering relaxation, learning and experience spaces. Here, black children ages 7 and up can understand complex ecological and social relationships in a simple, natural way. They learn social skills and make new friends. These experiences contribute to the fact that they  become happy, healthy and engaged adults.


Our offers always relate to the environment and nature. It is important to us that everyone can become creative themselves and implement their ideas. Lots of exercise and careful interaction with each other are just as important in our camps as the content of our programs.

Our varied program consists of experiential, creative and nature sports activities. After each action, the group reflects on and traces the experience together. During the rest periods, participants can relax actively and passively.


Our camps take place at holiday resorts of different sizes. The children are accommodated in modern shared rooms. All young people take part in setting up and dismantling the tents, thereby strengthening the sense of community right from the start.


Before camp, enough food is purchased for everyone. The participants support the cooking team in preparing delicious meals. We eat a vegetarian and varied diet.


Our black team members have many years of experience with children's groups and a lot of joy. You are at school, training, studying or working. Everyone is responsible for five children in the camp and for organizing selected activities. Anyone who takes part in the camp as a team member has, in addition to a first aid certificate and an extended certificate of good conduct, completed a personal interview and a training course lasting several days.


The safe accommodation of the participants is guaranteed by the team’s high level of attention. One teamer is responsible for a maximum of 5 children. The general rule for our camps is that participants are only allowed to leave the holiday resort with team members.

The Parent FAQ

Where do the children and team members come from?What is the food like in the camps? Which languages are spoken in the camp? Are girls* and boys* separated? How big are the camps? How high is the teamer key?How is the choice of activities/courses made in the camps? Can clothes be washed at camp? What are the anti-homesickness tips? Are electronic devices and smartphones allowed? How will my child's safety be ensured? 

Where can I find the packing list? Why do I only find out the exact address of the camp after booking?

What options are there for arrival and departure? 

Good that you asked! A comprehensive glossary of answers to all of these important questions will soon be available here.

If you have any urgent questions in advance, you can ask us here send!

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