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We are EMPOCA!

We connect Black children and young people with nature.

About Us

EMPOCA is the only organization in Europe that connects Black kids and teens with nature. Since 2018, our outdoor programs have been inspiring more and more 7 to 16 year olds. With us you can have a lot of fun, make new friends, discover your talents, learn new skills and, above all, feel free and relax. With our experienced and trained black team members you will spend an exciting and relaxing time in nature. In this way they develop more awareness of their environment, health and themselves.


Together with committed partners and supporters, we will  young black people are visible in the outdoor industry and are taking a more active role in climate protection.  We write new stories, do good things, motivate children and young people to stand up for our climate and thereby change the world. Our mission is to reach many Black children and young people who love nature and can safely relax and unwind there.

Nature experience



Our approach

Our nature camps and day tours are not just fun. They also bring a lot positive changes.

Through conscious experience with all senses and the direct connection to nature, it is easier to advocate for nature conservation and act sustainably.

Experiential [learning] is a philosophy and methodology for engaging with children in direct experience and intentional reflection.

We create a safer space. In this empowering space, your own needs and potential can then be lived out in a positive way.

Our values




We are creating a world where Black children and their families never have to doubt or question whether nature is a safe place for them. Building on our three pillars of nature experience, experience-based learning and empowerment, EMPOCA helps young black people connect with nature and each other in a respectful and responsible manner.

Our vision

We want to create experiences that equip Black children and youth with the skills to become happy, healthy, environmentally conscious adults. Our intention is to promote the process of intensive, perception- and experience-oriented encounters between young black people and themselves and their environment.

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We'll wait for you outside!

Support EMPOCA now!

With your donation you enable other children who come from families with difficult socio-economic conditions to participate in EMPOCA's outdoor camps free of charge. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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